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When: Summer 2003. Performed "code housekeeping" on a medium-sized MFC application, as well as merging a branch of the development back into the mainline code.


When: May 2002 - December 2002. Skills: C++, Makefiles, HTML, PHP, Python. MVS is a Math Visualization System, that runs on SGI IRIX (a port to Linux was started as well), using the SGI Performer graphics library, and supporting true 3D visualization via stereoscopic display systems.

Free/BE Voodoo

When: August 2000 - April 2001. Skills: C/C++. An attempt to create a VBE/AF driver for 3Dfx Voodoo Cards, using the FreeBE framework. Development was stopped for legal reasons relating to nVidia's buyout of 3Dfx.


When: Feburary 2001. Skills: C/C++ & OpenGL. A small game I wrote with a C/C++. Uses the OpenGL graphics system, as well as GL Utility toolkit (dll is in the glut.zip). It will challenge your mind!

Last updated: November 28th, 2003